10-12-2014 15:20:12

7 Things Every Woman Goes Through In Her Career

Every woman goes through lots of ups and down in her career. It is not an easy task to manage a family and work. On the career front, there are many sacrifices to make. Listed are some things every woman goes...
02-11-2014 05:16:55

5 Ways to Eat Flaxseeds

We’ve all heard that Flaxseeds are great for our health. They are the richest possible plant source of Omega-3 fats and play an important role in maintaining our heart health and preventing diabetes as well a...
16-05-2014 13:58:26

Surrender your square plates and we can dine in dignity

Surrender your square plates and we can dine in dignity Chefs who use square plates are trying to divert the focus from their own inadequacies, believes William Sitwell, who ...
30-12-2014 06:31:11

8 Ways To Get Rid Of Body Acne

It’s one thing to wake up one morning to find a pimple on your face, but it’s another (and horrifying!) feeling to wake up to blemishes and acne on your chest, back or other parts of the body. Body acne is as...
02-12-2014 10:20:10

7 Ways to Stop Negative Thinking Affect Your Career

Negative thought process not only affects the mind but also body. If you keep on thinking negative, then that situation becomes negative. You heard that right! Negative thinking leads to negative situations. ...
16-09-2014 13:20:07

4 Ways to Save Money for Your Kids

One of the biggest arguments that many people have against having kids is the enormous amount of money that they will have to spend on the kids as they grow up. With kids around, you would never know how much...
06-08-2014 04:47:04

Mindblowing Body Art by this Japanese Girl…Will shock and amaze you at the same time!

You will not believe this Japanese girl’s amazing talent for body art. 21 year old student Hikaru Cho (nickname Choo-San) has painted these mindblowing designs directly on skin with acrylic paint. Can yo...
06-08-2014 04:55:07

4 Ways to Make Father’s Day Special for Your Dad

How do you make a day special for a special person in your life? There are so many things said about the sacrifices and the love a mother has for a child. The role played by a dad in a child’s life is seldom ...
06-08-2014 04:54:02

14 Amazing Swimming Pools You Would Love To Take a Dip in

These Swimming Pools are some of the most amazing you will find in the world. If you get lucky sometime, do take a nice dip. Cheers! 1.Jade Mountain Resort, St Lucia 2.St Regis, Tibet cdn...
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