23-10-2013 08:50:19

The Easy Way to Fight Belly-Fat

Think thin. The next time you catch sight of a bag of chips, picture six-pack abs. The best way to suppress a craving is to think about the benefits of avoiding the food rather than the negative consequ...
21-09-2013 08:50:19

The Exercise That Kills Cravings

Skip out on snacks. The next time you feel a craving coming on, grab a jump rope. Skipping rope can help suppress hunger, according to new research from Japan. Men who jumped rope for three 10-minute s...
17-09-2013 08:50:23

The Anti-Migraine Workout

Are the extra pounds to blame? Packing on pounds can leave your head pounding: Obese people are 81 percent more likely to suffer from migraines compared to normal weight individuals, finds a new study f...
02-08-2013 08:50:08

Beware of This Deceiving Dessert

Fruit doesn't always help your waistline. Don’t fall for the cherry on top. Adding nutritious garnishes to unhealthy foods throws off your mind’s calorie calculator, finds new research in the...
01-08-2013 08:50:10

The Mindset You Need to Stop Overeating

Say goodbye to the bowl. Aim small for big success. Setting one simple, specific goal is the best way to cut your bad habits, finds new Dutch research. While trying to curb unhealthy snacking, people w...
31-07-2013 08:50:05

The Easiest Way to Stick to Your Diet!

Focus on the fruit. Here’s the new see-food diet: see healthy food, then lose weight. In a new study at the University of Leeds, people who smelled fresh oranges before munching on chocolate ate 60 per...
27-07-2013 08:50:05

Make Food Taste Better!

Make a wish! (For better-tasting food.) There’s a routine for delicious cuisine: Performing a ritual before eating could improve the taste of food, says new research from the University of Minneso...
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