21-10-2013 13:40:24

7 Tips to Take Care of Your Costume Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is a fashionable, often cheap fun way of accessorizing. They are made up of all kinds of materials from plastic, to metal, strings, stones, thread, and beads to even paper and cloth. Owing to ...
05-10-2013 12:40:19

7 Tips for Choosing Antique Jewelry

The trend of wearing antique, vintage or estate jewelry has caught on recently. But sourcing, buying and choosing antique jewelry is not as simple as walking into an antiques shop and picking up a piece. Here...
18-08-2013 12:40:05

5 DIY Jewelry Ideas

The DIY trend is being popularized and adopted in various ways and forms. You could find multiple DIY options to enhance and add on to some existing clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, etc. The great part ...
16-08-2013 13:40:08

5 DIY Headbands

A headband can make any girl look pretty and uber cute. Headband is perhaps the best accessory, which makes any girl look classy and elegant. It gives a feminine look also. Listed below are some DIY headband...
26-06-2013 13:40:04

4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Sunglasses

Photo Courtesy: BEP Sunglasses can frame your face like nothing else can. Apart from their obvious utility as a protection against the scorching sun, they add class and elegance to any look. However, selecti...
17-06-2013 12:40:03

3 Tips for Choosing a Diamond

Photo Courtesy: lenta © Congratulations for you’re about to buy a diamond! This means you have something big to celebrate – or maybe you just want to treat yourself to something that lasts longer ...
11-06-2013 12:40:04

6 Tips to Take Care of Your Pearls

Photo Courtesy: looby © Pearls and diamonds automatically make any woman look classy and sophisticated. Pearls have an old world charm to them, especially the timeless white ones. As beautiful as ...
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