10-12-2014 15:20:12

7 Things Every Woman Goes Through In Her Career

Every woman goes through lots of ups and down in her career. It is not an easy task to manage a family and work. On the career front, there are many sacrifices to make. Listed are some things every woman goes...
24-10-2014 16:20:13

8 Reasons Why a College Degree will Help in Your Career

In this competitive world, having a college degree is not only important but also essential. Every student has doubts about the pros of getting a college degree and how a degree would help him/her. If you are...
20-10-2014 15:20:11

7 Tips for Dealing With a Lazy Co-Worker

he trick to effectively dealing with a lazy coworker is to take care not to get into the same bandwagon without realizing it. A lazy coworker may effectively convince a lot of other workers that working too h...
18-10-2014 15:20:16

6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

Keeping your employees happy may not be easy, but it definitely is not impossible. All it takes is to ease the rules by making them less stringent, look out for them, and ensure their well-being. While you mu...
18-10-2014 15:20:10

5 Ways to Spend Less Time on Facebook During Office

Since the time Facebook has come into our lives, it has become a popular work-time enemy. Being extremely addictive by nature, it has been quite a factor in lowering people’s efficiency, and many people have ...
14-10-2014 08:40:30

5 Reasons You Should Avoid Using Facebook In Office

There is a reason that your life in the office is called your professional life and anything outside of it is called your personal life. You go to an office to work and get paid for whatever you do at the wor...
12-10-2014 15:20:10

7 Tips for When You Become the Boss of Your Friend

There is a difference in being bossy and giving advice. Are you like dominating your friend in everything that she does? That means you have become the boss in this friendship. How would you overcome this sit...
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