29-10-2013 16:50:21

You CAN Do It; She Proved It

Left to right, Edward Evans, Jurga Stankeviciute Evans, and David Jack at the finish line of the Urbanathlon New York. Jurga Stankeviciute Evans is a finisher. Evans signed up for last Saturday’s Men’s ...
26-10-2013 15:50:23

The Apps That Make Your Workout Easier

There's an app for that. Act like a DJ at the gym: Creating music while moving can make your workout feel easier, says new German research. Researchers hooked exercisers up to machines that changed ...
25-10-2013 15:50:23

Can Your Chores Make You Fat?

Sucking up dust won't suck up fat. Your broom can’t beat your bike. People who rely on housework to burn fat are heavier than those who get their exercise elsewhere—like walking or cycling, sa...
23-10-2013 15:50:23

Strengthen Your Sperm in an Hour

Strengthen your body and your sperm. Break a sweat for your swimmers’ sake. An hour a day of exercise can significantly boost your sperm count, finds new research from Harvard University. In the ...
22-10-2013 15:50:22

Why Runners and Cyclists Should Hit The Gym

Someone's been hitting the gym. Lift to go long. Strength training can improve running and cycling performance, says new Norwegian research. The review looked at studies in which experienced runners...
20-10-2013 15:50:22

Take this 90-Second Fitness Test!

Reap what you row. Looking to sculpt a V-shaped torso? Rowing speed and lifting strength go hand in hand, according to new research from New Zealand. Elite rowers who logged the fastest 500-meter times ...
17-10-2013 15:50:36

Cut Pain from Your Workout

Not feeling this! No pain, high gain? Triathletes actually feel less pain than the average gym-goer, according to new research from Tel-Aviv University in Israel. In a battery of tests, Ironman and Olym...
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