16-08-2014 11:20:09

8 Best Tips for Relaxation After a Hard Day’s Work

When you work all day long and come back home in the evening, tired and exhausted, ‘relaxation’ is the only thing on your mind. You want to rest for sometime, rebuild and recollect your energies to make you g...
06-08-2014 05:14:19

13 Everyday Tips to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Stress may be able to worsen situations, but it will never be able to make things better. It will not be able to solve problems of tomorrow, but it will surely take away your peace of mind today. Apart from t...
06-08-2014 05:14:15

7 Ways Stress Affects Your Body

Stress affects your body in more ways than you can imagine. Stress alone can deteriorate your health to severe extents. Stress affects you physiologically as well as psychologically. It can be the root cause ...
06-08-2014 05:14:10

3 Ways How Meditation Fights Depression

Depression is not something that can be taken lightly and many people suffer from it. The depression could be a mild one or it could be a clinical depression brought on by chemical imbalances in the head. Sev...
06-08-2014 05:14:07

6 Ways How Meditation Helps Beat Stress

Meditation is recommended to everyone these days because of the sheer number of cases that come up today of those dealing with stress, tension and depression. In order to beat stress, the most apt thing to do...
04-05-2014 08:20:05

5 Easy Ways to Meditate for Peaceful Mind

In today’s times, meditation is not just a hobby but has become almost like a necessity in order to de-stress and have a peaceful mind. Meditating regularly can relieve you of unwanted stress, related ailment...
29-04-2014 08:20:05

5 Ways to Remain Positive During a Financial Crisis

A financial crisis can quickly turn into an emotional one if you don’t know how to cope with it. In times like these, where financial conditions are greatly unstable, anyone can get hit by a crisis. Here are ...
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