30-12-2014 06:31:11

8 Ways To Get Rid Of Body Acne

It’s one thing to wake up one morning to find a pimple on your face, but it’s another (and horrifying!) feeling to wake up to blemishes and acne on your chest, back or other parts of the body. Body acne is as...
24-03-2013 08:39:32

4 Reasons Why You Should Thank God for Making You a Woman

  Photo Courtesy: pedrosimoes7 On a normal day, you don’t pause and wonder why you were created the way you are. What would have happened if you were not a woman? Of course, there are man...
14-08-2014 07:25:10

5 Movies that will Make You Believe in the Power of Love

Love is a complex emotion. Since time unknown, poets, artists and many others have been trying to decode this emotion and understand it deeply. How does love happen? When do you get to know that you’re in love...
30-12-2014 06:30:03

7 Things You Should Never Do When Pregnant

Being pregnant and carrying a baby in your womb for nine months is no child’s play. Apart from the severe emotional and physical changes that a woman goes through during their pregnancy, one can expect a whol...

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