01-11-2013 08:50:25

The Worst Work Hours for Your Health

Night shifts are no fun. Bad news if you burn the midnight oil: People who regularly work night shifts are twice as likely to have diabetes, finds new research from the University of Pittsburgh. And ...
16-09-2014 13:20:07

4 Ways to Save Money for Your Kids

One of the biggest arguments that many people have against having kids is the enormous amount of money that they will have to spend on the kids as they grow up. With kids around, you would never know how much...
23-10-2013 08:50:19

The Easy Way to Fight Belly-Fat

Think thin. The next time you catch sight of a bag of chips, picture six-pack abs. The best way to suppress a craving is to think about the benefits of avoiding the food rather than the negative consequ...

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