6 Reasons to Cut the Carbs

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Every nutrient performs an essential body function. Carbohydrates are also one of the essential nutrients which aim to generate energy, fuel the central nervous system and generate fat metabolism. It is widely available in grains, fruits and vegetables. However, if carbohydrates dominate your body function, it can create several kinds of problems, obesity and weight gain being some of them. Here are 6 reasons to cut down carbs.

1. It lowers triglyceride levels

High levels of triglycerides are closely related to heart stroke and several heart related diseases. If you are found to have high levels of triglyceride in your body, you can reduce it by a substantial level only by switching to low-carb diet, without resorting to medicines.

2. It reduces small LDL

Also referred to as low-density lipoprotein, it transfers cholesterol into the blood stream. Research establishes that high levels of LDL increases risk of cardiovascular diseases and is also regarded as bad cholesterol. Reducing carbohydrates will automatically reduce small LDL levels in the blood stream.

3. It increases HDL

HDL cholesterol as opposed to LDL is good cholesterol. It helps clean the blood stream, the veins and arteries and helps the heart perform its primary function in an uninterrupted manner. Lowering carbohydrates increases HDL in your body.

4. It provides permanent relief from high blood pressure

High blood pressure is closely associated with cardiovascular diseases. The ailment can become a permanent condition requiring a long term medication. High blood pressure symptoms include severe headaches and nausea. A low-carb diet can normalize your blood pressure in few weeks.

5. It reduces body fat

Increased body weight leads to obesity and excess fat level in the body. You can peel off layers and layers of fat from your body by merely reducing your intake of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates increase the level of insulin in the body hence making the process of burning fat nearly impossible.

6. It reduces body inflammation

Depression, heart attack, Alzheimer’s, cancer are all linked to inflammation. Reducing systemic inflammation eliminates the risk of other fatal diseases. A low-carb meal decreases inflammation and provides stability and healthy living.

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