5 Facts About Weight Loss Pills

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Weight loss is a major concern for everyone around the world. All of us want to keep our body fit. With increase in luxuries of life, obesity has become a common problem. We feel drawn to weight loss pills as they seem to help lose fat faster. You are likely to want to take such drugs when you are tired of trying diet programs, workouts that do not show results, or are just in a hurry to lose weight. Weight loss pills might seem like an easier answer but we need to know certain facts about them before we start taking them.

1. Weight loss pills could lead to major health problems

Weight loss pills that work as fat burners contain ‘Ephedra’ which is a powerful stimulant for the human nervous system. This content aids the loss of water from the body and not the actual fat. So, the result is not long lasting and also the loss of water in the body causes dry mouth, insomnia, constipation, and increased blood pressure. All these could lead to major health problems like cardiac arrest.

2. Weight loss pills could lead to lack of nutrition in the body

Many weight loss pills like Bensphetamine, Didrex, Diethylpropion, Tenuate, Lorcaserin, Belvig, Bontril, and Phentermine suppress appetite. These pills help lose weight as the person who is taking them will not feel like eating. This also deprives the body of nutrition that it is supposed to get. The side effects of these pills are drowsiness, insomnia, high blood pressure, and constipation.

3. Weight loss pills could damage your liver

There are some weight loss pills like Orlistat that do not allow all the fat from the food to digest. The undigested fat is thrown out of the body. Along with the undigested fat, your body loses some nutrition also. There have been cases of liver injuries due to such drugs.

4. Weight loss pills could be a waste of money

All weight loss pills have their effect only for a limited time. Eventually, the body gets used to them and does not react. The time could be from a few days to a few months. When we stop taking these pills, our body is left damaged by its side effects, we gain back the weight, and we find that we have spent a lot of money on weight loss pills.

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If you are really obese and you need to take some weight loss pills along with a regular workout and diet program, you must consult a doctor. Your doctor might provide you with a pill that helps you along with your routine. There have been positive results but when your doctor wants you to stop taking them, it is best to do so. Avoid taking weight loss pills over the counter without any prescription.

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