Top 6 Natural Thermal Baths in the world

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Thermal baths or hot springs are generally formed because of various tectonic activities of Earth. They are spots in certain areas of the world where warm water surfaces from the ground when it is dug. Here are a few famous natural thermal baths in the world.

1. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

Located in the Waikato region, Hot Water Beach is a beach which is home to many naturally occurring hot springs. It is situated on the east cost of the Coromandel Peninsula near Whitianga. At certain times of a low tide, tourists can dig the sand of the beach so that naturally occurring hot water can pass and create a small pool in which they can immerse themselves. The water of thermal baths of this beach can measure up to 140 degree Fahrenheit. Like many other tourist destinations of New Zealand, Hot Water Beach is also very picturesque and a must visit thermal bath destination.

2. Beppu, Japan

Hot springs or thermal baths in Japan are locally known as onsen and soaking in an onsen is an inherent part of Japanese culture. Naturally occurring thermal baths are found in many parts of Japan but the one found in Beppu in Oita is the most popular tourist destination. Beppu Onsen is known to have the second highest amount of underground hot water discharge in the world after Yellowstone National Park in America. Beppu Onsen is further divided into eight major hot springs and there are many mythological stories associated with their origins. The naturally occurring water of these baths is also known to have many therapeutic qualities for skin.

3. Banff Upper Hot Springs, Canada

Banff Upper Hot Springs are one of the highest hot springs in Canada located amidst a magnificent view of the Rockies range. Upper Hot Springs are one of the nine hot springs that naturally occur at Banff. These springs have been commercially developed as a recreational area which includes a bathhouse and a pool. The waters of these springs originate from Sulphur Mountain and are known to have healing qualities and are rich in minerals.

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4. Thermal Springs of Kaiafa, Greece

Thermal Springs of Kaiafa are located in Zacharo in south west of Greece. It is a popular tourist destination and these springs have a unique location inside a natural cave at the base of the Lapithas Mountain. A spa facility has also been built here to harness the healing waters of the spring so that visitors can soak themselves in a thermal bath.

5. Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia

Peninsula Hot Springs are located in Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne in Australia. It is a naturally occurring hot spring which offers visitors a warm soak. The water of these springs flows across 25 pools and baths. These thermal baths are very picturesque and the resorts located in the area offer services like spas, reflexology and sauna for visitors to enjoy.

6. Ma’in Hot Springs, Jordan

The Ma’in Hot Springs and Waterfalls are located near the Dead Sea in Jordan and have become an international tourist destination. These waterfalls originate from the highland plains in Jordan and eventually form about a hundred hot springs in the area. The water is naturally heated by underground lava and it gushes forth to the surface from about 260 meters underground. The famous and luxurious Evason Ma’in Hot Springs & Six Senses Spa is located at the spot of Ma’in springs. This facility utilizes the rich minerals of the hot spring water to give spa treatments and thermal baths to visitors.

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