9 Benefits of Chamomile Tea

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Drinking chamomile tea is an age old tradition in many cultures. This mildly flavored tea has innumerable benefits to offer on regular consumption. Read through to know how effective chamomile is for your body and mind.

1. Promotes sleep

Chamomile has almost magical properties when it comes to promoting good sleep. Its relaxing and soothing abilities help you drift off to good sleep. Hence, it is recommendeded you take the tea before bedtime. This is a natural remedy suggested to insomniacs and to those who find it difficult to sleep well.

2. Relief from skin inflammations

Swelling and inflammation on skin can be visibly reduced with chamomile tea. The plant fights against bacteria and eliminates chances of infections and swellings on skin. Skin conditions like chicken pox and eczema find cure from chamomile. This tea infused bath is a definite remedy for such skin conditions.

3. Bid goodbye to migraines

Migraine headaches are associated with throbbing pain in the head, sensitivity to light, vision blurs and nausea. Drinking chamomile tea provides instant relief from such symptoms. Chamomile works wonders in relaxing your muscles and promotes good sleep. This, therefore, helps to relieve migraine attacks. Other headaches caused due to anxiety, cold and stress also find relief in chamomile tea.

4. Relief from stomach disorders

Several kinds of stomach problems like indigestion, cramps, acidity, gas and bolting can be effectively minimized with chamomile tea. The presence of strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make chamomile assist digestion and bring down signs of irritable bowel syndrome. Ancient Egyptians used chamomile to relieve pain from menstrual cramps. Today, studies have shown that regular consumption of chamomile tea raises glycine levels that relax muscle spasms. Hence, its efficacy in helping cramps.

5. Healer of wounds

Greeks used chamomile and so did Romans and Egyptians. When chamomile tea or extract is used on wounds, the healing process became faster. Even many modern studies show the efficacy of chamomile in healing wounds.

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6. No trace of dark circles

Chamomile tea is an essential ingredient in beauty remedies as well. As an effective home remedy for dark circles and pigmentation, chamomile tea lightens skin. Chamomile tea bag can be placed under the eye and on surface of skin to observe visible skin lightening results. Hot steam and taking bath with chamomile tea nourishes skin and replenishes it with health and glow.

7. Diabetes management

Few cups of chamomile tea consumed on a daily basis help people with diabetes. Chamomile works effectively to decrease blood sugar levels without impacting the insulin system. And several studies have also proven this fact.

8. Natural anti-inflammatory

Gently rubbing chamomile tea bag over rashes and burns allow them to soothe instantly. Chamomile has immense healing properties in treating hemorrhoids, minimizing itches during chickenpox, insect bites and frostbites. Even puff eyes are treated effectively with chamomile tea.

9. Boost your immunity

If you consume more than two cups of chamomile tea in a day, you are most likely to boost your immunity power. The antibacterial element called hippurate increases in our body and this contains antioxidants for building a strong immune system.

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