10 Reasons to Love Your Parents

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We know you all love your parents. However, sometimes in life we get so busy that we forget all that our parents have done for us. This Parents’ Day, we give you some reasons to love your parents, just to remind you of the love that you already have for them.

1. They brought you into this world

Your parents are the reason you exist. Had it not been for them, you would not have had the life that you have.

2. They fed you

Right after you were born, it was your parents who made sure that you were well-fed. They ran after you to make you eat well and made sure that you never slept on an empty stomach.

3. They taught you how to walk

When you were moving on your fours, it was your parents who pushed you to walk on two legs. They held you when you fell down and motivated you to start again.

4. They taught you how to speak

A little child can barely speak coherently. Parents keep at it and try to make the child say something as simple as “Ma”. They worked hard to help you frame your first words.

5. They told you what’s right and what’s wrong

As you were growing up, it was your parents who taught you life’s important values. They helped you differentiate between right and wrong. They are the ones who helped build your character.

6. They scolded you to make you better

We all hated our parents when they scolded us. But the fact is that a caring parent will scold you only to make you a better person.

7. They hugged you when you wanted them to

Every time you came back from school, they were there waiting for you and took you into their arms. When you felt scared, sad, or weak, they hugged you and made it all better.

8. They never forgot your birthday

Your best friends may forget to wish you on your birthday but not your parents. They always wished you well and celebrated the day when you came into their lives.

9. They made sure you slept well

They checked under the bed and in the cupboard to make sure there were no ghosts to haunt you. After you thought they had left, they came in to check again if you were sleeping well.

10. They took care of you when you got sick

You have been sick so many times in your life and it was your parents who took care of you, irrespective of how unwell you were.

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11. They gave you your privacy

As you grew up, you wanted be alone and have a “Stay out” sign on your room’s door. They accepted that and let you go on with your life the way you wanted to.

12. They forgave you

You have made countless mistakes in your life. Mistakes that even you cannot forgive yourself for. Your parents on the other hand, never held grudges against you and forgave you the moment you realized your mistake.

13. They had faith in your dreams

Remember all those things that you wanted to be when you grew up? People laughed at you and called you mad. But not your parents. They believed in you and had faith in what you wanted to be.

14. They protected you

Parents can go to extreme measures to protect their kids from any possible harm. Remember how you never had to worry about anything because you knew your parents will be there for you?

15. They live to make you happy

Your parents are probably the only ones who are genuinely pleased to see you succeed. Others may feel jealous and may try to pull you down, but your parents live to make sure that you are happy.

16. They sacrificed a lot for you

Remember how they always put your needs first? When you wanted that new toy or a bicycle, they made sure that they give you more than they can. Ever since you were born, their lives have revolved only around you.

17. They reminded you of how good you are

Many a times when you lost faith in yourself, your parents were the ones who reminded you of all that you are capable of. They showed you your pure soul and restored your faith in yourself.

18. They let you go

As you grew up and you wanted to move out and live on your own, they let you go. Can you imagine how hard that must have been for them?

19. They never judged you

The world may judge you based on what you wear, how your talk, what color you are, or what decisions you make in your life; but not your parents. They never judged you and always gave you unconditional love.

20. They never asked for anything in return

Have you ever heard a parents say, “You owe me?” And yet you get annoyed when they ask you to call them or meet them. Are they asking for too much?

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