The Warmup That Fights Fatigue

Date:29-07-2013 15:50:04 read:5

Photo by Beth Bischoff

Steamroll your competition.

Roll before you run. Using a foam roller on your muscles during a warmup may help you power through your workout, according to a new study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.


People who foam-rolled their legs, upper body, and lower back for 10 minutes before exercising felt less fatigued while doing agility drills than those who didn’t roll it out.

Translation: You may be able to exercise longer and harder, says study author Disa Hatfield, Ph.D., of the University of Rhode Island.

Try a roller with a PVC core, like the Foam Roller Plus ($40,; the solid center helps the foam keep its shape.

For seven essential foam-rolling exercise, try The Best Injury-Prevention Workout You’re Not Doing.

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