Royal baby is top dinner table conversation topic

Date:30-07-2013 07:58:04 read:4

Royal baby is top dinner table conversation topic

The Royal baby, the summer heat wave and Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win are currently the most popular dinner table topics in British households, research has found.

Prince George was found to be the most popular topic of dinner table conversation. Photo: AP

Families are also particularly keen on discussing The Apprentice, the BBC One reality television show, and last year’s London Olympics, which were the fourth and fifth most frequently occurring items on mealtime agendas.

Lighter topics of conversation were found to be favoured over weightier ones, with more than half of the 2,000 families studied avoiding heavy news as their conversation starter.

The state of the economy, the NHS and Nelson Mandela came further down the list, below the cheerier subjects that topped it.

Gay marriage and exchange rates came last, in 19th and 20th place.

In many households the occasions on which a dinner table conversation actually takes place are relatively few and far between, however.

The study, commissioned by the Museum of London, found that families only sat down together 10 times a month on average, with 45 per cent of meals eaten in front of the television.

Some 40 per cent of respondents felt they no longer had meaningful conversation as a family and nearly two thirds felt the art of good conversation was a dying skill.

Sharon Ament, the museum’s director, said: “London is where it’s at this summer - on the tips of tongues and fuelling family conversations across the country. Wimbledon success, royal baby fever and Olympics nostalgia – what all these positive topics share is a home in the capital city.”

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