6 Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

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Anniversaries commemorate special days of love. It is the day which marks the number of weeks, months or years you have spent with your boyfriend and all the memories you cherish with him. To celebrate this special day, choose from the following homemade anniversary gift ideas for your boyfriend.

1. Hand painted coffee mug

A hand painted coffee mug is a sweet anniversary gift idea for your boyfriend which will make his heart melt. Get a solid colored mug from the market. Make sure that the mug has a surface which can absorb paint. Select the graphic and font you want to use on the mug and sketch away. Personalize the mug by sketching your names or your anniversary date.

2. Make an anniversary poster

Use your artistic sense to create a scroll or a poster which contains interesting facts and trivia about your relationship. Pen down important dates of your relationship including the date of your first kiss, first dance or first long drive together. You can also write a few facts about each other’s compatibility according to your zodiac. Keep the poster as interesting as you can, so that your boyfriend can hang it up as an artwork in his room for everybody to see.

3. Make a photo collage

There are many apps and tools available which can help you to create a photo collage. Select the best pictures of you and your boyfriend together and create a collage on your computer. You can add textures, effects and hues to your picture to make the pictures look nice. Once you have created the collage, print it on a thick sheet of paper and frame it for your boyfriend. You can also get it printed on a t-shirt, pillow cover or bed linen.

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4. Bake a cake or brownie

Baking a cake or a brownie is a good way to please your boyfriend’s heart and his stomach. Shape your cake or brownie into a heart shaped mold to add that extra touch of romance on the occasion of your anniversary. Use the icing on the cake to write a love message to make your cake memorable. It doesn’t matter how your cake or brownie turns out, what will impress your boyfriend is the effort you put in the baking.

5. Messages in a bottle or jar

A cool homemade anniversary idea for your boyfriend is to buy a pretty jar and place lots of rolled up messages in it. You can buy a good looking jar from the market or spruce up an ordinary glass jar that you may have at home. Take square shaped colorful paper which you can easily fold into small scrolls. Write something romantic on each chit, roll it up and tie a decorative string to hold it together. Keep adding colored chits in the jar until it becomes full. When you gift it to your boyfriend, ask him to read one chit every day.

6. An embroidered tablet or smartphone cover

If embroidery or fabric painting is your forte, then making a custom tablet or iPhone cloth cover is the ideal gift you can give your boyfriend on your anniversary. Stitch a cover in the size of your boyfriend’s tablet or smartphone. Choose any motif that your boyfriend likes and paint it or embroider it on the cover.

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