6 Reasons Why It is Important to Hug

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When was the last time you received or gave a hug to someone? If you have to think, then it has been long enough. Has a hug ever left you with a negative feeling? That’s hardly a possibility. Hugging can be way more than just a way of greeting someone. We give you some of the reasons why hugging is so good.

1. It gives a sense of security

Hugging is especially important for the healthy overall development of a child. Several doctors agree that when you cuddle, hug, or caress a child, it gives him a sense of security and enhances his self-esteem. Even after you become an adult, receiving a hug from someone gives you a sort of relief and it give you a sense of being taken care of.

2. Is a display of affection

Hugging can help you say things that words sometime fail to convey. A simple hug is a sign of affection, love, gratitude, adoration, and more. It helps express your emotions in an excellent way. Your words may fail but this gesture will let the other person know that he/she means something to you.

3. It is a sign of trust

When you hug someone, then it is a sign that you are letting your guard down and letting that person in. When this hug gets reciprocated, then it shows that the other person also accepts your gesture and trusts you enough to let his/her guard down. It is a sign of mutual respect and trust.

4. It can have healing effects

Studies suggest that when we hug someone, we transfer our energy on to the receiver. It helps in exchanging positive vibrations. This exchange of positive energies can have therapeutic power and can even help alleviate certain ailments. A hug leads to a generation of positive physiological reactions from both the giver and the receiver.

5. It can be a mood changer

If someone is sad, depressed, or withdrawn, then a genuine hug can help the person feel a bit better. It gives the receiver solace and a feeling of safety. It can help generate a sense of overall well-being and a sense of belonging.

6. It can help strengthen relations

If you are having a bad phase in your relationship, then the act of hugging can help bring you closer to your partner. It can help dissolve the bitterness and free you from the possibility of miscommunication. Sometimes you may want to convey your love to someone and your words might end up making things worse. A hug on the other hand will convey your feelings in a clear and positive way.

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