7 Health Benefits of Semolina

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Semolina is that particle of wheat which is left behind after you pass the finer flour particles through the refining process. It is coarse, rich in fibre, and gritty. Simply put, it is a form of ground hard wheat which is called durum wheat. You will often find it being used to make pastas. One can also use it to thicken stews. We give you some of the health benefits of semolina.

1. Good for weight watchers and diabetics

Semolina gets digested slowly and keeps you full for a long time since it is made from durum wheat. This can be a great news for those trying to lose weight and trying to control their food intake. Also, since semolina has a low glycemic index, it is extremely good for losing weight and can also prove good for those who have high blood sugar, and diabetics.

2. Benefits the immune system

Semolina contains plant pigments (carotenoids) that aid not only in protecting your immune system from toxins, pollutants, and diseases, but also guard you against the harmful effects of UV rays.

3. Is rich in carbohydrates

Since semolina has a good carbohydrate content, it is great for those who wish to maintain an active lifestyle.

4. Is rich in Protein

Durum semolina is highly rich in protein. You can combine it with other foods that are rich in protein to meet your daily protein needs. This will aid in ensuring that the body maintains good muscle, cell, and organ function

5. Is rich in Minerals

Semolina is rich in potassium which helps in providing a healthy functioning of the heart, kidney and muscles. It also has phosphorus which is required by the body for energy metabolism. Furthermore, semolina has magnesium which gives you healthy bones, muscles, and nerves. Also, being rich in calcium, semolina gives you stronger bones while its zinc content boosts the immune system.

6. Contains Vitamins

Semolina is rich in Vitamin E which is an antioxidant and is great for your skin. Also, it boosts your immune system and guards you against several diseases. The B vitamins present in semolina ensure a healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system.

7. Rich in fibre

Since Semolina has a good amount of fibre in it, it helps keep your intestinal tract healthy. Also fibre aids in lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease. You also get to benefit from lower blood cholesterol levels and protection against cancer.

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