7 Ways to Steal a Man’s Heart

Date:20-08-2013 14:40:05 read:9

A man’s heart is not hard to steal but the right strategy is required. If you are inclined to a man then don’t get nervous and follow these tips that will help you reach his heart.

1. Start with a simple friendship

Every relationship starts with an informal friendship. So the first step to win any man’s heart is to first be friends with him. You can commence with routine talks and can later share other personal information depending on the level of intimacy.

2. Good food

Food is such a thing that reaches the heart directly. Appetizing food makes its way to the heart and wins it. An empty stomach can never be happy. You can either cook something for him or take him somewhere for a nice lunch/dinner.

3. Surprise him with a gift

At times you can present him any useful thing that you think he will like. T-shirts, shirts, pants or even a comic book can amaze your dream man. Also you can gift him a wind chime which he can keep as a memorable present.

4. Compliment his physique

If your man is a fitness freak, praise his body. He will love it. Talk about how he manages going to the gym with all his workload. It’s a strategy that never fails!

5. Plan a day out from busy schedule

Usually we all remain busy with work and don’t get time for ourselves. You can plan a day away from the regular monotony and can take him some place for a day like resort, beach side or simply for a walk together hand in hand.

6. Understand his sentiments

Man needs a friend who can understand his inner feelings. A friend that interprets your silence and can convert it into words and can read your face is really special. Your happiness and your sorrows can be read by you.

7. Try keeping him away from stress

A routine life and its problems can stress you out. Put an effort to relieve your man from stress. He can love you or can like you only when he is not under pressure. So go out on dates, help him out if he’s cutting corners… it won’t go unnoticed.

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