10 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You

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What does your boss think about you? This is one question you may always be pondering over while he tries to be “all praises” to you. Does he consider you to be an achiever or is he all set to show you the way to the outside? Do you want to know what all runs in your boss’ mind? Then check this list of things your boss won’t tell you.

1. He knows about your social networking site visits

While you are busy managing your personal life right from your desk in the office or you just peep every ten minutes into the social networking sites, your boss is keeping a tab on everything you do.

2. You may be giving your best but he is not interested

You may be excelling in your current position and are all set to climb up the success ladder, but your boss is really not interested. If you are doing your best, he wants you to stay on the same position.

3. He prioritizes respect over popularity

He wants you to show your management potential by asserting your authority and not just by sharing the workload of your coworkers.

4. He doesn’t want you to come up with better business plans

He just wants you to know that he is the boss and he is always right. He doesn’t want you to come up with better business plans. Even if you come up with the best of ideas, he is not going to assign new projects to you.

5. He may hate your body odor yet smile at you

Your disgusting body odor may just be killing him yet he struggles hard to smile at you. He secretly desires that deodorants must be made compulsory in the office.

6. He is more interested in managing his work

He is much busier managing his own work rather than figuring out what you need to do to manage yours. If you need any kind of support or training, go to him and ask for help. He is not going to give it unless asked for.

7. The company is in trouble and so are you

He is never going to put a stamp on the rumors of the rough patch which the company’s finances are soon to face. The fact is, you might lose your job in the process but he won’t tell you until it’s time.

8. He hates it when you dress like a slob

Just because a company is having an informal dress code, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to dress to impress him. Dress smartly; that gives an impression that you really mean business.

9. He keeps a tab on what you post on social plug-ins

Your boss is really not interested in knowing what you do outside your office, unless you give him a compelling reason to do that. If you post details about what weird you did in office or how the jerk who sits next to you in the office spoke to you, you might be compelling him to see you as a ‘not-so-professional’ employee.

10. He keeps track of your performance

If your performance is way below the expected level, it’s time to leave your position. He is waiting for you to take the step. If you don’t, he might soon show you the door.

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