6 Tips on Telling Your Boyfriend You’re Pregnant

Date:04-09-2013 09:40:04 read:15

Having a baby brings mixed emotions to everyone. It can bring joy, shock, disbelief and tears of joy. Well, as to telling your boyfriend about your pregnancy, it depends on whether it is an accidental pregnancy or if you have spoken about and discussed starting a family in the near future. If you are a teen and pregnant, the situation becomes more complicated. Then there is the question of who wants to keep the baby and who doesn’t. You might not want to have a kid at this stage, but he’d love to have a kid and this makes your decision to tell him very difficult. We give you some tips on telling your boyfriend you’re pregnant.

1. It is important that you be calm

Decisions about the pregnancy do not have to be taken immediately. Be calm and absorb the news fully before you tell him.

2. Be prepared to accept his reactions with patience

Depending on your situation, the news can bring happiness or just plain shock. Shock makes people say stupid things. Be mature to deal with his reaction.

3. Don’t blame him

It might have been his decision to not use protection. You went for it too, so don’t blame him alone. Tell him it is a joint responsibility now.

4. Maintain a neutral tone

Don’t go to him with an overjoyed expression or a panicked face. And when you break the news to him, maintain a neutral tone.

5. Break the news to him as soon as you know

The sooner he knows the better. Pregnancy is not your responsibility alone. Let him share in it. The faster you tell him, the more time you have to decide on how to proceed further.

6. Make your feelings clear and also listen to what he has to say.

Tell him how you feel about being pregnant. If you are confused and angry or happy and elated, he deserves to know. Equally important is that you listen to what he has to say.

Pregnancy is an important and a life altering event and it makes sense that your boyfriend be a part of it from the beginning. Just make sure you don’t freak him out when you tell him you are pregnant.

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