5 Body Language Clues that Say He’s Interested

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Body language has a lot to do with the blossoming of any romance. Simply because feelings aren’t always expressed, but are rather sensed. Being able to understand a guy’s body language to gauge whether or not he is interested in you is something women often do instinctively, but a few tips can’t hurt can they? Here are body language clues that say he’s interested.

1. The stare

This is the most obvious giveaway when it comes to guys. Guys are visually stimulated and therefore, when they like what they see, they see it for a long period of time. Call it staring, ogling or what you will, we have all experienced it. Whether you are waiting in the line at a grocery store, or hanging out with friends in a cafeteria, you can’t help but notice somebody giving you the eye. If you catch him looking at you more than a couple of times, you can bet all your savings on it, he is definitely interested. Similarly, if you fancy a neighbor, a colleague or a classmate, and would want to know whether he is into you or not, just wait and see if his gaze lingers longer than usual on you and you have caught him red handed!

2. The mild attempts at physical intimacy

Stolen glances and slight brush of hands to signify a blossoming love interest in someone were very much in vogue in the Victorian times. Now we may have come a long way from that, but we are still human beings. In today’s time, an interested guy might try to steal an opportunity to hold your hand. Or if he is a part of your friend circle, he may indulge in putting his arms around your shoulders or your waist which you may or may not construe as a more than friendly gesture. If he does that quite often, you can assume that he may have a thing for you.

3. The chivalry

No chivalry isn’t dead. Even in this dog eat dog world, men turn on the charm offensive when they want a girl to like them. They may open doors for you, grab your coat, hold your purse while you strap on shoes, the list is endless. You should know that a guy who is just your friend would not be going out of his way to make your life easy for you. So if you know a guy who is always ready to graciously help you navigate your life’s daily trifles, then you better pay a little more attention to him.

4. Showing an interest in what you have to say

Women often get nostalgic about the time their boyfriends/husbands would listen to them for hours on the end. That phase does happen and it is not only in the initial stages of a relationship, but also during the run up to a relationship. An interested guy will love to hear you talk and learn about your likes, your interests, your hobbies, your day – all of those will be extremely interesting to him. He might support all your viewpoints and might even take up an activity you like. So if you think the guy signing up for salsa class with you just wants to be friends, well, think again!

5. The puppy dog act

Now there are some, not all breed of men who get this way when they are interested in a girl. These men become complete doormats and allow the women to walk all over them and trample them if they so desire. This is an obvious, as well as slightly undesirable sign of interest. One it makes the man in question look like a wimp, two it gives the woman inordinate power and that kind of power can go to her head. So if there is a man in your vicinity, who follows you around, does things for you without even asking and expects only a smile in return, either ask him out or kick him out, but put an end to it!

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