8 Home Remedies for Weight Loss

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The term “weight loss” seems to garner more attention and hype than even Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise do. The world is turning a little heavier, thanks to all the distractions in terms of food and lifestyle. But when weight loss tips get easy, natural and effective; they get double thumbs up. So, what are these effective home remedies for weight loss?

1. Green tea

There is a lot that has been read and written about the goodness of green tea. Besides numerous other benefits, green tea is an excellent means to shed weight. Regular consumption of green tea shows remarkable results on your body in terms of its ability to lose weight. It is also a healthy way to eliminate those excess pounds.

2. Fast on juices

While crash dieting or prolonged fasting can be disastrous to your health, some amount of fasting is healthy. When you are on certain juices, cutting down on solids is a brilliant way to shed weight. There are two juices that are miracle diets to lose bulges. Make a juice of 2 cups of cubed and cold watermelon and 2 cups of cubed and cold cantaloupe. Add a dash of fresh ginger, peeled to the juicer for a refreshing concoction. Similarly, half cup of frozen strawberries, two teaspoons of freshly squeezed lime and one cup of orange juice makes an irresistible juice for aiding weight loss.

3. Water

Drink as much water as possible and see the difference in just a week’s time. Water has no calories but has the ability to flush out toxins from your body and detoxify your system. Water also helps you lose lots of weight in the long run. It keeps your body healthy and invigorated. And drinking hot water will give you even better results.

4. Non-stick pots and pans

Oil is always the culprit in piling away fat. One of the biggest advantages you can give yourself when you cook in non-stick pots and pans is the ability to do away with oil. And it is not just oil; you can do away with any sort of grease or fat when you cook in those utensils.

5. Steaming

Steaming is a great way of cooking. It is simpler, retains the health properties of veggies/meat/fish, does not use grease, fat or oil and requires not much effort including that of stirring. Since it is healthy and non-greasy, steaming helps in cutting down loads of calories that you otherwise tend to add to your system.

6. Honey

An age old trick for weight loss, honey is a miracle ingredient found in most kitchens. Although effective in fighting pounds, do not expect instantaneous results with honey. With long term and regular consumption, honey prevents fat from stacking away in your body.

7. Dandelion herbs

Dandelion is a very nutritious herb that is a repository of Vitamins A, C, D and B and is also a rich source of copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, boron and many other elements. When such goodness combines with weight loss efficiencies, it takes dandelion right to the zenith of efficacy. The herb also promotes digestion.

8. Brown sugar

There are different kinds of foods that help you gain fat but the most common of them all is white refined sugar. Give that a skip and instead substitute it with other healthier alternatives like brown sugar because depriving body of sugar is also not appropriate.

There are several other principles to weight loss that include substituting fattening products with healthier dishes, cooking the right way and with the right utensils, eating more at home and less outside and many others. These tips can be followed at home and serve as effective home remedies to weight loss.

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