7 Best Party Islands Around the World

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Are you bored of your routine monotonous life and are planning to party? We have lots of options that will provide you an apt atmosphere where you can party and lose control. The nightlife of these places is amazing along with a miraculous view on your vacation. Here are some of the great party islands around the world.

1. Saint Lucia

This sovereign island lies at the margin of the Atlantic Ocean and is situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It’s a beautiful party venue as the place is surrounded by greenery all around. There’s a sure shot guarantee of enjoyment here as there are numerous nightclubs and discos that will cater to people of varied tastes.

2. Los

Los in the Aegean Sea is one of the finest party destinations with a beach view all around. The place has beautiful white houses and makes a mind-blowing view when seen from a distant place.

3. Hvar

Located in the Adriatic Sea, Hvar is most popular with people. The land remains totally loaded with people day and night. People groove on the tunes of music played in pubs.

4. Barbados

A very pleasing place in the east of the Caribbean Sea. Women and men sit under the sun and sunbathe. Barbados is famous for its rum as Barbados is its birthplace. Very fine quality of rum is available at all bars.

5. Ko Phangan

This island is best for the party lovers as it is famous for its full moon party. The lights all around light up the place at night, as if its afternoon. Beach of Haad Rin remains loaded with thousands of people every night and the jugglers and fire-eaters add to the environment.

6. Mykonos

It is also a Greek island and is considered the best travel destination. The buildings here are also white and the coastal areas provide you with the facility to sail with your private boat. In addition, scuba diving is also an option in Mykonos.

7. Aruba

Aruba has beautiful white sand beaches and has shops and markets at the shore. Its nightlife amazes the tourists from all over the world. It is a must visit party island!

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