5 Things Your Coworkers Won’t Tell You

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You might think they are your best buddies at work, but chances are high that your coworkers hide certain things to themselves. It can either be something that is related to them or maybe something pertaining to you. Ever wished to know how your colleagues felt about you, or what they talk about you? Check out top 5 things your coworkers won’t tell you.

1. Give due credits to your colleagues

Amidst the imprudent “I want to be on the top,” race, you might side-line the effort of a colleague or other co-orkers, who helped you attain your goal. You might end up taking the entire credit for yourself. This will not leave a positive impression about you and it can question your integrity in the future. Your colleagues might not tell this to you directly, but they might be discussing it. So, even if it is small help offered, give due credits to the deserving ones.

2. Never harass your coworkers

Do you pester your coworkers for small issues? Understand that even a slight change in your tone can lead to severe consequences. Though some admit it openly, most of your coworkers might not tell you how it feels to them. Some may even think that telling it out will create an impression that they are a spoilsport. Surveys have proved that harassment can sometimes lead to depression or various health related issues. So, if you harass anyone next time, keep this in mind.

3. Keep mum about romantic encounters

Office romance is not a new thing. So if your coworker is romancing another staff member or if she sleeps with your boss, don’t ever expect her to be vocal about it. Sex or office-affairs generally happen as you spend most of the time at office. Some even consider it as a ladder for promotion. Either ways, it is always a well-kept secret, until the cat is out.

4. No money talks, please

Paychecks are the least discussed topic among colleagues as it is quite embarrassing at times. You might be on the same level as your coworker is, but chances are there that you are paid well or underpaid. In either of the cases, your coworker will not pop the question regarding your salary. Due to the problems that arise out of pay discrepancies, generally discussing salary is against office policies too.

5. Your sexy or shabby attire can make you a hot topic

When in office, stick to work-appropriate dress code. Too much flesh showing or careless dressing can make you a topic of discussion not only among male colleagues, but among your female pals too. Most of them might come forward with fake praises and you just feel you are the best. The truth is your over-exposing nature or your ragged dressing style has definitely found a place in their gossip books. There are high chances that you are kept in the dark about how others feel about you.

So, remember knowingly or unknowingly all of us are subjected to criticism or praise by our coworkers. If lucky, sometimes we get to know it, or else we just wish we could.

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