5 Tips for Landing Your First Job

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It is a frightening world out there. A place of cut-throat competition where you have to prove yourself and constantly stand out from the crowd just to get hired. You leave your cocooned world of college, with your beliefs, ideals and ideologies and enter a world where the name of the game is survival of the fittest. Landing your first serious job can be a milestone as it determines the future trajectory of your career and helps you take important decisions about the kind of work you want to do and the environment you would prefer to work in. Here are a few tips to help you land that first job.

1. Be confident

Whether you are attending an interview or just preparing for interviews, be confident in what you know and what you can do. How you feel reflects on the outside and any employer would prefer to hire a confident employee.

2. Take your time

You might have crippling student loans to pay off or might have run out of money. But it is important that you do not panic and look for any job or get into any job that you get. Take some time and look at what you are interested in and where you can apply your knowledge.

3. Never be overconfident

Good grades alone don’t determine a job. There are various factors that determine your chances of landing a job. It is good not to be overconfident as there are less chances of you getting disappointed.

4. Develop networks when you are still in school

There is nothing more advantageous to a new graduate than being part of a network. This could be your seniors in school or your professors or the alumni who are already well placed. Keep them updated on your job searches.

5. Make a first good impression in the interview

This way, the interviewers will still remember you even if you are not hired. There are always chances that you might be called again for another vacancy at a later time. So be well prepared, punctual and well-dressed when you go for an interview.

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