5 Fall 2013 Nail Colors

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It always helps to have good manicured hands, as after the face, it is one of the places that is highly visible, especially on people who do a lot of gesturing when talking. Picking the right colors that suit your skin tone or colors that gain attention and following the trends of the season is always a difficult job. Just like everything about fashion, the style and colors differ every season. What was in a few months ago would look boring and out of place today. It is so true about the colors and nail fashion for this fall too. Here are a few nail colors and trends that have been showcased this season.

1. Dark shades

Black has always been a favorite, but there is competition from dark blues, earthy browns, amethysts and emerald Greens. Dark colors are better suited to medium sized and well-manicured nails. Black or dark colors on short nails just end up making your fingers look stubby. Oxblood from Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs are so in this season. Also try the midnight Blues from Nars and Essie.

2. Electric shades

A shocking touch of yellow and fuchsia made trends this season. This will also compliment the bright colors in clothes that are making a splash in runways across the world. Neon colors like poppy, fiery orange and ultra violet also add a touch of color this season. This season must haves are poppy from Dior and Dolce&Gabbana, together with fiery Orange from Butter London and Tom Ford.

3. Metallic hues

There was much more on the metallic front than the usual Gold, Silver and Copper. The new shades had lavender tinged with steel and mossy green chrome. Topshop and Orly have stocked up on the steely lavender while you can find other metallic shades in Maybelline and Estee Lauder.

4. Glitter

Glitter seems to be around for most seasons. With glitter you have to tone it down a bit so that it doesn’t get too loud. Mixing glitter with softer plain shades will not only make your nails pretty, but also less gaudy. But you can go all glitter if you are heading on a night out and want to show off. Glitter is in this fall.

5. The matte look

Almost every fall show showcased shine free nails and the matte look was big. It looks more mature and classy than the shiny nails. Take your pick from the various shades in matte from Maybelline, Dior and Tom Ford.

If the nail colors for this fall are anything to go by, metallic, matte and electric shades are in and bright colors like neon pink are out. Add a little glitter to your neutral shades and make a fashion statement this fall.

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