7 Essentials for a Road Trip

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Road trips are great when you have a large group of either family or friends. Long road trips need to be planned well and much earlier before the time of travel. There are many things that one must plan before taking a road trip. Here are some essentials for a road trip.

1. Right choice of transport vehicle

You have the head count of people traveling together. Find out how many adults, teenagers, infants or pets are with you. You must take a comfortable vehicle so that everyone gets enough space to relax and enjoy the ride. If you have very small kids, check if the vehicle has arrangements for car seats or booster seats. If you have a pet, find out if there are enough arrangements for it to rest properly.

2. Good storage in your vehicle

It is essential to have enough storage in your vehicle to keep food for the journey and water. There must a place specifically meant to keep the toiletries like tissue paper, hand sanitizers, towels, and toilet paper. It is a must to carry along a first aid kit and a box where basic medicines are stored so that you don’t have to stop the car to look for them in your luggage. If you have very small kids with you, carry along a pair of clothes in the car, apart from the luggage.

3. A vehicle that is in perfect shape

Before you start, check if the vehicle is in good shape. The tank should be full, all the tires, including the spare wheel must be in good condition. Carry a tool box in case of some problem. See that you have rope to tie your luggage, if at all, on the carrier on the top of the vehicle. Carry plastic sheets in case the weather turns bad and it rains.

4. Maps and instruction manuals

Always carry maps and instruction manuals of the place that you are going to visit. Even if you are visiting the place for the second time. You must carry address and phone numbers of people you are going to meet and the place you are going to stay at. You must also have phone numbers of your kids’ doctors with you.

5. Adequate food and water

You must carry enough food with you even if you know that there are many food joints on the way. Unless you are going to stop for a break of lunch or dinner, you can just have some snacks while driving. If you have infants, carry good amount of food for them.

6. A good quality camera

You are out to enjoy so do not forget to carry a camera or a video camera to capture the beauty of nature and the lovely moments that you spend with your family or friends.

7. See that someone is informed back home

It is a great idea to take a long road trip but see to it that someone back home like neighbor, a close relative or friend, your colleague or someone you know well, knows about your trip and your whereabouts. In case of an emergency, that person should be able to call you up or contact you.

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