7 Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving

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We should never look for a specific day or time to give back to other people, to our family or the community or to the society at large. Having said that, we go about our lives, having many more things to worry about and think. It is only on special occasions like Thanksgiving, we actually sit and reflect on what can we give back and there are indeed so many different ways we can help those who are less fortunate than us. As we sit back and give thanks to what we have, it is time we also thought about the people who cannot have the same things. It is not only material things that people are in need of, sometimes your way of giving back can just be a phone call, a few kind words or a hug.

1. Give to charities that feed the homeless

If you do not want to get involved directly or do not have the time to do it yourself, donate liberally to a charity that feeds the homeless. Homeless people too have the same feelings and needs that we do and if your donation can feed one person, you would have made a difference.

2. Visit your old grandparents or parents

If you hadn’t visited them for personal reasons or for lack of time and money, make the effort to go see them this thanksgiving. They gave you life and made you what you are today. For better or worse, it’s always a nice gesture to thank your elders and appreciate everything they had done.

3. Volunteer at the church or a soup kitchen

A lot of churches organize food drives for Thanksgiving Day. Contribute to it or go around collecting food or other stuff that people can donate. You can also volunteer at the soup kitchen. They are always looking for people who can volunteer.

4. When you buy one, gift one

Try buying two pairs of everything so you can gift the other to someone who can’t afford it. It does not have to be too expensive. The very thought of someone with a smile on getting your gift will sure make you happy.

5. Do not shop on Thanksgiving Day

Remember that when you shop on Thanksgiving Day, you are robbing someone else of their holiday. They will have to sacrifice their family time, kids and a day off so they can stay at the shop while you buy things.

6. Participate in a marathon

A 5k or a 2k run that wont stress you out, but will help raise money for charities is a good idea to spend Thanksgiving Day.

7. Teach your children to give

When you give to others, your children too will learn by example. Also make this day a special day by telling them about the benefits of helping others and creating a just society, Children are our future and you will be doing a lot when you teach them right.

You can also make a vow to be more environmentally friendly and let go of one product that is very damaging to the environment. Think back, appreciate, donate and live the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

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