9 Tips to Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving

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Come holidays and we take it upon ourselves to get stuffed. No one knows for sure why, but it is believed to be the festive spirit, the care taken to prepare the meals, the presence of family and laughter and the love all around that makes one eat beyond the normal amount. It is ok if it does not hurt you, but there are many cases of stomach aches and bloated stomachs after a heavy thanksgiving meal. You might also be tempted to break your strict diet to binge on the Thanksgiving turkey. If you can forgive yourself for binging for a day and know for sure you’d get back to normal, then you can indulge. But if you are not sure about getting back to your normal routine, here are a few tips to avoid overeating on Thanksgiving.

1. Have a normal breakfast and lunch

Do not starve yourself so you can eat a lot for dinner. If you eat a normal breakfast and lunch, you will not be tempted to eat everything on the table.

2. Drink lots of water before dinner

This will make your stomach feel full and you can’t stuff too much food inside without having to visit the bathroom frequently.

3. Eat small portions

Take small portions of everything. This way you will get to taste everything on the table and also not eat a lot.

4. Wear tight clothes

If you do not trust yourself to stop over eating, leave your clothes to do the job. Wearing tight fitting clothes will make you so uncomfortable that you will stop eating after a while.

5. Eat slowly

Take your time chewing and swallowing your food. Also feel free to wash it down with water, juice or wine so you would feel fuller. The faster you eat, the more you will gulp down and more the chances of over eating.

6. Chat a lot

You will notice that when you talk and laugh a lot as you are eating that you will eat a lot less. Just make sure you do not scare the other guests away by talking or laughing with food in your mouth.

7. Get second helping only if you are hungry

Do not fall for the taste even if it is the tastiest food ever. It is true that you get to eat this once in a year, but if you want to avoid over eating, resist the temptation and eat the salad or fruits to make you feel full.

8. Imagine yourself suffering the next day

If you have a vivid imagination, then let it play and think about how ill or uncomfortable you will feel the same night or the next day. This is usually a good deterrent to over eating.

9. Think of the poor turkey getting killed for you

It is cruel, no doubt about it. Think of the processes involved to get that turkey on your table and you might even lose your appetite. Take this drastic step only if you really do not want to overeat.

Sometimes, it is ok to over eat, as it is the day for celebrating life and the gifts it has to offer. But if you must avoid it, then follow the tips above.

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