5 Fall 2013 Makeup Trends

Date:16-11-2013 08:40:23 read:6

Who doesn’t love a good made up face. Something that does not scare or isn’t too loud. Properly applied make –up is good for your skin and also makes you look beautiful giving you that extra boost of confidence. And following the latest trend also makes people notice you which is not bad at all. Follow the latest trends and make a fashion statement. The runway fashion makeup for this fall was not too theatrical and loud, instead surprisingly they were quite wearable with looks that can be worn every day when we go on about our normal lives.

1. Cat eye

As was evidenced in most of the fashion shows this season, the cat eye is back and in a big way. It is perfectly doable on your own, in less dramatic ways and there a a lot of ways you can do it too. It is also a good time to experiment with colors, although black is always a safe bet and you can never go wrong with it.

2. Orange hued eye shadow.

A lot of designers have taken up on this color this fall which they say gives a look that is both simple and luxurious. Blend it well and keep it light so that it isn’t too loud.

3. Bright red lips

A Taylor swift favorite and something associated with Hollywood celebrities of yesteryear and synonymous with glamour, the red lips are back. Glossy or matted, you can make that famous pout and look and feel sexy.

4. Glittery eyes

Offset the gloom in the work space or a party with some glitter on your face. Yes. Glitter laced eye shadow and eye liner are a big In this season. Make a dramatic statement with your eyes by wearing the right amount of glitter.

5. Retro bouffant

As with the clothes, the sixties are back in the makeup and hair segment too, with blunt bangs and retro bouffant making a comeback. Color blocked eyelids are also big this season.

Have fun trying out the different makeup trends this fall, but always remember to use quality products. Also remove makeup before you go to sleep to maintain a healthy skin.

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