6 Tips to Celebrate Christmas Away From Home

Date:23-11-2013 11:40:22 read:2

None of us like to or choose to spend away from home or away from family during the holidays. Christmas being an important holiday of the year, the separation just gets worse. If we just could make life function the way we want it to, none of us would ever be away from family during Christmas. But sadly there are many factors that go against us and so many other things that are just beyond our control. We cannot really control how our office works, or how the weather decided to play spoilsport, nor can we do much about the overbooked flights. Once you know that you cannot spend Christmas with the family and you have to stay away from home on Christmas day, you need to start making plans to be happy in spite of that. You should not waste the entire day moping about what was lost, but making up for it even though it is a difficult thing to do. Here are some tips to celebrate Christmas when you are away from home.

1. Make a lot of phone calls to the family

Call everyone at home and spend some serious time on the phone talking and sharing news and other stuff. It is ok to say that you miss them, but do not make it the crux of your conversations. Stay cheerful on the phone and remember that they miss you a lot too.

2. Do something on Christmas something you had always wanted to do but never found the time

It could be as simple as reading the book that you had bought months ago and haven’t touched or it could be an exciting thing like bungee jumping that you were too chicken to try earlier. Make it special in its own way. This could fill the void that you have from missing the family too much.

3. Hang out with friends

If you are in school and cannot go home for Christmas, there are always friends who would invite you home to spend Christmas with them and their family. Take up on this opportunity and never say no to experience different traditions and customs. If you are just a bunch of friends with nowhere to go, you can be your own family and still have a joyful Christmas.

4. Go shopping

There is nothing more relaxing and therapeutic than shopping when you are feeling very depressed. Not going home and not spending Christmas with the family is bound to make you depressed. Go shopping and you really don’t have to buy much. Just window gazing is bound to life up your spirits.

5. Catch up with new friends and keep in touch with old friends

Make this the day when you would make an effort to get closer to new friends and promise to stay in touch with your old friends. Friends are the family that we choose and that makes them more special to us. Celebrate Christmas with them. You would not miss home or family too much then.

6. Bake a cake

You will spend so much time doing that and making other stuff to go along with the cake that at the end of the day, you would be too tired to miss anything or anyone. What better way to celebrate Christmas than bake a cake?

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