5 Great Ways to Make Christmas more Joyful this Year

Date:25-11-2013 11:40:22 read:3

Christmas is synonymous with joy, cheer and laughter and sometimes when you are having great fun, you will begin to wonder if there is a way you can make it more joyous. There are two ways you can make Christmas more joyful, and although they are not just the only ways, they kind of cover the basics of everything. One way to go about making your Christmas more joyful is to try something completely different from your normal schedule. The other way to do is be the complete opposite and find comfort in the things that you have been doing for years and looking forward to it. In all these things that you do, the important thing that you will have to understand is that more people almost always equals more joy. More the merrier is not just a saying but there is a lot of truth to it. Here are a few more ways to make this Christmas more joyful.

1. Invite the extended family over for Christmas

There will be a lot more work and so much more logistics involved, but it will be so much more fun. You might not even know a lot of people in your own family. When you make an effort and find out where they live and invite them over, you are not only making Christmas joyful for them but for you too. This could be a great way to bond with the family.

2. Do something impulsive

Be very impulsive this Christmas. Impulsive does not mean you have to do stupid things, but if it is out of your character, then do something that you would normally never do in your life. And take a lot of pictures of whatever it is that you are doing. This way the joy will last for a long time even after Christmas is over.

3. Shop more

Leave the guilt behind at home and splurge a lot this Christmas. If you had been saving or living on a budget the whole year, live a little this Christmas and splurge on yourself. It is nice to gift other people, but it is so much more fun to get things for yourself.

4. Travel to a different country

Sometimes travelling to a different country and watching how they celebrate Christmas can be a fun thing to do. You will not only learn about their traditions but will also be invited to their homes and churches to share the joy. What can be more joyful than feeling the love of complete strangers?

5. Smile a lot

There is going to be a lot of smiles over Christmas. You need to smile a little more to bring in more joy. Also remember that this year, there have been quite a number of layoffs owing to the shutdown and other stuff, so do your but to spread the cheer. Smile, wish and share the joy with complete strangers.

There is just no dearth of things to do that will make Christmas more joyous. Make this about you more important than you make it for others. All said and done, if you are not happy, it is very difficult to make others happy.

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