10 of the best chocolate treats

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10 of the best chocolate treats

Our chocolate blogger Andrew Baker picks 10 of his favourite chocolatey bites, perfect for popping into stockings this Christmas

Cocoa heaven: Artisan du Chocolat's salted caramel truffles 

Artisan du Chocolat salted caramel truffles (main picture, top)

Salted caramel is now near-ubiqitous, but A du C developed theirs way back for Gordon Ramsay, and the original is still the best.

(From £3.50; Artisan du Chocolat)

Amelia Rope

Feisty independent is gifted with a perfect palate: her pretty, chunky bars blend delicate flavours - White Edition 03 with pistachios is enrapturing.

(£5.60/100g; Amelia Rope)

Pierre Marcolini

Serious Belgian makes ridiculously seductive treats. His seasonal snowmen make a characterful centrepiece; his soft centres are full of character.

(Boxes from E20; Marcolini)

Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 Single Côte Marcial

The ultimate expression of what HC is about: beans from just one area of their estate in St Lucia go into this sultry, powerful bar.

(£7.50/70g; Hotel Chocolat)

Duffy’s Honduras Indio Rojo

Duffy Sheardown epitomises the British bean-to-bar independent. Little masterpieces such as this gold-medal winner emerge from his tiny workshop in Cleethorpes.

(£5.80/80g; Duffy's Chocolate)

Grown-up Chocolate Company Salted Peanut Caramel Cracker

Clever grown-ups reinvigorate classics with the finest ingredients. This dangerously delicious item must surely be the Snickers of the Gods.

(£2.50; The Grown up Chocolate Company)

Prestat Pink Everest bar

Part of the Royal chocolatiers' new Art Deco range: equatorial dark chocolate in delectable harmony with pink Himalayan salt, and at a keen price

(£3.50/85g; Prestat)

Seed & Bean Sicilian Hazelnut Fine Dark Chocolate

Ethically unimpeachable and even vegan-friendly, yet their bars are powerfully tasty: our most committed carnivores adored this Glastonbury special bar.

(£2.29/85g; Seed and Bean)

Paul A Young

Onward and upward for Britain’s master of the soft centre: now has three shops, gives master-classes and offers home delivery.

(From £7; Paul A Young)

Friis Holm Pure Dark Rugoso

Copenhagen’s finest made a lot of friends when he brought his entire family over to London for Chocolate Week. Brilliant bars, cool wrappers.

(£9.85/100g; Friis Holm, or try Chocolatiers)


Cocoa Runners

The true chocophile’s trade secret: a subscription brings a quartet of exotic bars from around the world to your door every month; and you get to tap into the expertise of the people who make and select them. Chocolate's equivalent of The Wine Society, and destined to play a crucial role in the democratisation of the good stuff.

(£16.95/month; Cocoa Runners)

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