British Curry Awards: the five best curry recipes

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British Curry Awards: the five best curry recipes

Tonight the annual British Curry Awards, or "Curry Oscars", take place in London. Celebrate by cooking one of the five top curry recipes by Telegraph chefs and writers

Simple Goan fish curry Photo: YUKI SUGIURA

Simple Goan fish curry recipe

Our food writer Diana Henry has adapted many of her curry recipes to suit those occasions when “I have terrible yearnings for Indian flavours and that has to be satisfied almost immediately”. Her recipes are not completely authentic, but are full of flavour and quick to make. Her simple Goan fish curry is an ideal alternative to a Friday-night take away.

Chicken in curried yogurt sauce with peach chutney and chapatis

Rose Prince’s chicken in curried yoghurt sauce is not a wintry, comforting curry but “a light, citrus yoghurt-based” dish: ideal for summer, and mild enough for children to enjoy. She serves it with her own chapatis and a quick peach chutney, for a fruity kick.

Pork vindaloo recipe

“I love Indian food, and preparing it is always a joy,” says our writer and chef Stevie Parle, who heads up London's Dock Kitchen restaurant. He often experiments with different cuts of meat: his pork vindaloo requires cooking pork shoulder (a very cheap cut) for hours.” The result is pretty special, the sweetness of the pork offset by the acidity of the vinegar and the delicate spices bringing it all together marvellously,” he says.

Kayi korma curry recipe

Vegetarians will enjoy Diana Henry’s kayi korma dish, a fragant, coconut-flavoured mixture of potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, peas and green beans. It’s very versatile, suitable for any vegetables that happen to be in season, or in your fridge, and leftovers reheat well.

Potato curry recipe

This spicy potato curry from Stevie Parle, served with chapatis, is a great way to use up leftover potatoes. He likes to have it for breakfast: "It makes a fantastically quick way to banish winter blues or a stubborn hangover".

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