American desserts: sweet recipes for Thanksgiving

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American desserts: sweet recipes for Thanksgiving

As our US friends prepare for Thanksgiving, now is the perfect time to try a few all-American flavours

Just desserts: ice-cream sandwiches Photo: Andrew Crowley

There’s something about an American pudding that everyone loves – although one look at the average American waistline tells you that they are not for everyday consumption. Oozing confidence and cream, their calorific car crashes make British desserts look puny, and the way they pile on the goodies is shameless: nuts ’n’ chocolate, caramel on top…

The aficionado might complain that my confections are not classic American puds, but I’m channelling an authentically indulgent philosophy, and whether it’s Thanksgiving (on Thursday) or any other celebration, I know your guests will be delighted.

It is important to get in the mood, and I can’t recommend serving these after something elegant and dainty such as sole meunière; but after something a little less smart with some punchy flavours, a Mississippi mud pie is just the ticket. This amazing combination of biscuits, dark chocolate, praline and cream is also very handy as a birthday cake, and when I delivered one of the test versions to the Tom Dixon design studio next to the Dock Kitchen it was met with joy and rapture, and a flood of requests for the recipe.

My key lime pies are sweet and easy to make – they’re an American version of lemon posset, with the welcome addition of a crunchy gingery biscuit base, which really works with the cut of the lime.

I’m a big fan of the ice-cream sandwich; we make a variety at the restaurant, from the brioche and almond granitas of Sicily to macaroon and sorbet sandwiches – and now these, the unbelievably good all-American classic combo of peanut butter and jam (or “jelly” to be utterly authentic).

It is a tried-and-tested pairing that scales new heights of deliciousness in this form. Yes sirree.

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