9 Makeup Tips for a Night Out

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Some nights are special! Sometimes a woman wants to look stunning for someone special. This special person can be your best friend, your boyfriend or your husband. The reasons for looking stunning on a special night can be many. So, use the following ideas to look your best for a night out.

1. Make your eyelids glossy

You can look pretty by beautifying your eyes. Giving a dramatic or attractive look to your eyes can help you to win half the battle. So, make your lids reflective for your night out. Use some petroleum jelly or a non sticky but clear lip balm to make your eyelids glossy. Just rub the petroleum jelly on your eyelids or on your eye shadow. This simple idea makes your eyes look distinctive. It can add flair to your night out. You can also apply a light pink colored lip gloss on your bare eyelids. This will give you a rosy and romantic feel. Wear the same lip gloss on your lips for a nice look.

2. Make your eyes look like cat eyes

This idea can make you look really sexy. Work a lot of black pencil liner into the roots of your eye lashes. Afterwards, wing the black pencil out at the outer corners. Wear plenty of mascara, and you are done. If you want a sexy but simple look that doesn’t make your eyes look too flashy then don’t wear the shimmery lip gloss on the eye lashes. Just use a black pencil liner without any shadow.

3. Apply a red lip balm or lipstick

Sheer red lips look great especially at night. The lighting of clubs can make the bright red color of your lips to stand out! Wearing a red lipstick is a hot trend nowadays. So, apply a hot pink lip stain on your lips before you apply the red lipstick. This will help you give your lips a pinkish red look. On the other hand, if you want a pure red color on your lips then apply a red lip stain followed by a red lipstick and finally a clear lip gloss. This will give your lips a modern and multidimensional look. Applying these layers will help you to take your lips’ look to the next level.

4. Give your cheeks a dramatic look

You have not given your eyes and lips a dramatic look yet. So, it is very much safe to give your cheeks a splendid look. You can give them a retro look of the 80s by highlighting the cheekbones. Use a cream brush in place of powder. This will help you to look retro yet modern. Make sure you apply it with an angled blush brush. In order to create this look, suck in your cheeks and follow the hollows that are under your cheekbones. Now move up towards your ears and you are done. If you want to be very precise with this step then put a scotch tape on your cheeks and establish the desired angle. Now put the color on the cheeks as well as on the tape in order to get a strong edge. Lastly, remove the tape and then blend in the powder gently. This will definitely make you look like a punk and the most glamorous girl in town. If you want to look unique then pick a deeper shade than your usual one. For instance, you can go for the bright fuchsia color.

5. Use fake eyelashes but don’t forget to trim them

Some fake eye lashes can look too much on your face but trimmed ones will look fine. Nothing other than fake eye lashes can make your eyes more expressive and attractive. So, trim your fake eye lashes without being clumsy. Simply snip one strip in half and use one piece on your eyes’ outer corners. You can also use individual lash clusters. Makeup will be much easier with such eye lashes. Pick the knot-free lashes that look very natural. Make sure your lashes are undetectable, and don’t go for the ones that are too long, too thick or too spiky.

6. Sport the runway look with rimmed eyes

Use a jet black pencil eyeliner and line all the way around the inner rims of your eyelids. This idea will give you a mysterious look for sure. Go for a waterproof eye liner that doesn’t smudge otherwise you will end up looking like a vamp. In this case, you will be applying the liner on the wet line of your eyes. So, make sure you choose a great waterproof liner.

7. Add some glitter to your eyes

Apply some glitter strategically in the middle of your eye lid. This is a great idea for all the after-dark events. Dip one finger into a glittery eye shadow that’s a combination of silver and white color. Afterwards, dab a little shimmer on the whole eye lash or in the center. This idea can give your eyes a very flirtatious and fun look. This idea is great for women of any hair color and skin-tone. You can use a sparkle liquid liner for an elegant look.

8. If you don’t want to wear much makeup then try the bare look

The bare look helps you to show your natural beauty to people. This is a great look for women who are not experienced when it comes to wearing makeup. In order to wear a bare look, just try to look dramatic with the help of a red matte or shimmery lipstick. Apply this lipstick on your lips and make your eyebrows look fuller with a pencil eye liner.

9. Wear a multidimensional and smoky look

If you want to look different and give your eye makeup a color other than black then this is the right idea for you. You can add a lot of depth to your regular smoky eye makeup by using a gray, navy blue or taupe pencil eyeliner. Take a tapered eye shadow brush, apply a taupe shadow along your eye lash’s line and diffuse it into the crease. Don’t forget to repeat this step with a navy blue eye shadow. It will be great to blend these two colors to create a soft and multidimensional look. Use a lot of mascara to finish this look.

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