My Day on a Plate: Daria Klimentova, ballerina

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My Day on a Plate: Daria Klimentova, ballerina

Daria Klimentova, a prima ballerina with the English National Ballet, reveals her daily diet

Daria Klimentova, ballerina 

8am Before taking my daughter to school I have porridge with banana – I never get bored with it – and tea with milk.

10.15am If tired, I have a very weak coffee before ballet class.

11.45am After class, I make green tea with honey, to keep warm, and have a banana and a cereal bar. I'm not necessarily hungry but I get tired and moody when I don't eat.

12pm Rehearsals begin for Le Corsaire, with the full company and also, separately, with my partner. We rehearse The Nutcracker in between.

2.15pm Pop to the Royal College of Art for lunch. I can't manage much when I've got to jump around afterwards, but have soup or chicken salad, then an orange and blueberries. I force myself to drink lots of water to rehydrate. More green tea in the next break.

4pm Collect my daughter, then go for a bike ride to strengthen my bad knee. Get home to my husband's delicious salmon and mash with carrot and tomato salad, scattered with nuts.

11pm Always have warm milk or camomile tea before bed.

Daria performs in English National Ballet's "Le Corsaire", on tour now

NIGEL DENBY dietitian

It's great to see that Daria rejects the old-style, restrictive ballerina dietary regimes. She eats a well-balanced combination of slow-energy-releasing carbohydrates, good-quality proteins and plenty of fruit and veg. Being very lean, though, she's at greater risk of osteoporosis, so, despite her milk intake, could do with just a little more dairy to boost her calcium.

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