5 Traditional Christmas Foods from Around the World

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Carols, gifts, Santa, fun and frolic – well, Christmas is definitely all this, but most importantly it is about good cheer and great food. This Christmas, try something different. Treat your taste buds with traditional Christmas foods across the globe and celebrate.

From Canadian Butter tarts to Belgian Cougnou, Cuban Crema De Vie to French Bûche de Noël, German Stollen to Spanish Jamón, the list of Christmas foods from around the world is assorted and myriad. Here are 5 traditional Christmas foods from various parts of the world.

1. Ireland

In Ireland, Christmas is big celebration, so is the food on that day. Almost similar to United Kingdom, the Irish Christmas feast mainly includes roasted root vegetables, roast potatoes, ham, turkey, pudding and brandy butter. Beginning with starters like smoked salmon or prawns, soup or melon, the typical Irish feast is followed by main course items including roast turkey or goose and ham, along with bread stuffing. Popular choices for desserts include pudding with sherry sauce, mince pies or Christmas cake.

2. Iceland

If you are in Iceland or you want to try an Icelandic Xmas food this season, gear up for a splendid festive meal. On Christmas Eve, you can find tables adorned with traditional foods, puffin and a specially designed flatbread. Enjoy Jólagrautur, a dessert that is spiced and sweetened rice pudding. The day before Christmas, it is customary to prepare a meal of fermented skate and boiled potatoes.

3. Finland

Finnish Christmas is a great celebration of food and fun. Traditional display of Christmas food spread called Joulupöytä, akin to the Swedish Smorgasbord is sure to tickle your taste buds. From potato casserole and gravlax (freshly salted salmon) to rosolli (salad from boiled beetroots, carrots, potatoes, apples and pickled cucumber), caviar, herring, olives, and variety of cheeses, one look at the Christmas table itself fills your stomach.

4. The Philippines

The Filipinos celebrate the world’s longest Christmas season with parties, carols, games, fireworks. However, the celebration becomes complete only with great food. Here are some of the Christmas specials you will find on the Filipino table; Pancit-a noodle dish made with sliced meat and vegetables, Bibingka-a rice flour cake with sugar and eggs, Puto bumbong-a dessert made of sweet rice cooked in hollow bamboo tubes, ensaymada-a soft, fluffy pastry, leche flan- custard with caramelized topping, jamón dulce-sweet-cured Christmas ham and lechon- whole suckling pig, roasted.

5. Portugal

Christmas in Portugal is a great family time and is mainly about giving and sharing. On the Christmas Eve, a special family dinner known as the night of the “Consoada” is celebrated. The dinner dishes include traditional fish Bacalhau (salted cod) or Polvo (octopus). Appetizers such as, Bolinhos de Bacalhau, Rissois de Camarao among other treats are served. Meat is generally excluded on the Christmas Eve. However, the daytime meals usually include meat dishes such as roast pork, chicken, or lamb. On the dessert section, you can indulge in filhós, sonhos, Pao de Lo, Rabanadas, Aletria, Arroz Doce, and The Bolo Rei (the King Cake, made in the shape of a crown and filled with dry fruits).

So, in brief if you want to trot the globe in search of traditional food and culture, Christmas is one best time to book your tickets and enjoy your celebrations.

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