5 Tips on How to Win a Fight with Your Boyfriend

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Every kind of relationship sees fights, disagreements and arguments every now and then, and that’s completely fine and understandable. However, what’s not fine is not ending an argument or fight and letting its effect stay like bitter taste in your mouth for endless number of days. The best way to get rid of this kind of a prolonged irritation is to win on the fight, and end it for good. Here are some tips with which you can successfully win an argument or fight with your boyfriend.

1. State the facts

Men like less drama and emotions, and prefer more of facts. State the facts logically and plainly without displaying any sort of eccentric behavior. Point out exactly what went wrong and what made you upset. In most cases, he will apologize, tell you that you were right, will appreciate your way of sorting the argument, and will also take you out for a date to make up for the mistake and change your mood.

2. Use your cuteness card

When you’ve made a mistake and he’s upset over you, or he’s made a mistake and you are upset with him, make the innocent face indicating that you’re upset. You’re his little baby and princess, and he wouldn’t like to see you sad and upset. Make the cute face and he’ll let you win the argument your way!

3. Kill with kindness

Be polite, be calm, be sweet, and he will be amazed at how you are keeping your temper under control. He will have no choice but to calm down when you request him to lower down his voice. You will talk through it, and soon, he will understand your point of view, and the victory will be yours!

4. Say tit-for-tat

If he is not willing to say yes to what you think, say no to one of his things! And make sure you say no to something really important to him, like cancelling on a bachelor party or a baseball match. That way, if he really wants you to give him what he badly desires, he will give in to what you say and will let you win the fight or the argument.

5. Cry it out

When everything else fails, cry! Don’t fake it unnecessarily though. But if you are anyway feeling really bad and struggling hard to keep those tears from falling, let them fall! Sometimes, crying is the best way to make the other person understand how miserable you are feeling, and sooner or later he will feel sorry for what he has done to you or how bad he’s made you feel. He will let you win. Period.

It’s also a good idea if you extend only those fights and arguments that you know you are capable of winning in some way or the other. Try and get his mother on your side, if possible, and that way when you gang up against him, he will totally say yes to whatever you have to say. Also remember that when you selectively extend only those fights that you can win, then you are in a way making a winning streak, making it difficult for him to get into any kinds of arguments in the future!

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