5 Christmas Desserts From around the World

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December is not just about winter chills; it is also about pies, cakes, caramels, desserts, cookies and much more! One of the best months for indulging in lip smacking desserts, December celebrates Christmas with a variety of festive sweets. Ever wondered of some Christmas desserts other than gingerbread and brownies? From Italian panettone to Greek Christopsomo and Swiss brunsli, Christmas desserts are perfect choices to adorn the Xmas feast. Check out 5 Christmas desserts from around the world.

1. Kolaczki from Eastern Europe

Christmas fever does not sink in for Eastern Europeans sans Kolaczki. These yummy flaky cookies made in buttery cream cheese dough filled with fruit or sweet cheese is a must have Christmas dessert. There is much debate over the invention of Kolaczki among Poles, Czechs, and Croatians besides others. Shaped as square, round or diamond, the dough can be either yeast-risen or flaky. The fillings vary from place to place. It can be anything from berries, pineapple, apricots, prune, sweet cheese to even poppy seeds.

2. The Dutch Banketstaaf from The Netherlands

The Dutch dessert Banketstaaf is amazingly simple but delicious. Wrapped in puff pastry, baked till golden brown, brushed with apricot jam and dusted with powdered sugar, Banketstaaf is a great Christmas dessert that should not be missed.

3. Buñuelos from Spain

The Spanish Buñuelos are hot favorite Christmas desserts in Mexico, Colombia and many other Latin American countries. Made of yeast dough, fried until crisp, then soaked in syrup or honey, this luscious fritters are mouth-watering and will make you want more.

4. Stained Glass Gingerbread Cookies from the U.S

If you are in the U.S., you will be much familiar with the edible ornament, stained glass gingerbread cookies. Also known as pecan pie, they also make stunning Christmas tree ornaments. This simple yet delicious pie is made of molasses, butter, ginger, sugar, sour candies and colors. Try making some stained glass gingerbread cookies this Christmas and have fun hanging them around and stuffing them in your mouth.

5. Struffoli from Italy

The yummilicious Struffoli is a traditional Italian Christmas dessert. Made from small puffs of citrus-flavored dough, fried and soaked in honey, dusted with colorful candy sprinkles, Struffoli makes an attractive and tasty item on a Christmas dessert table.

So, try any of these Christmas desserts this season and relish it after a splendid Christmas feast.

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