5 Easy Ways to Make Christmas Cards at Home

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Christmas is just around the corner and you are excited about making Christmas cards at home! It is a great thought to work hard to prepare a card for your family and friends. It shows your love towards them. There are many cards available in the market and it is easy to buy some but the idea of showing love and affection can be perfectly expressed through self-made cards. It is not very difficult to make cards at home! Here are some easy ways to make Christmas cards at home. Before you begin, find out what you need and make an extensive list of things like stationary, decorations, material other than paper etc.

1. Cards with a shape

For this, you will need a special paper called card paper from the stationary store. It is thicker than a normal decoration paper. It is available in many colors. Choose the colors that you want to make cards with. Cut the paper according to the size of card you want to make and fold it from the middle. Now with a pencil draw the shape you want your card to have and then cut it out. See that you don’t cut it from the center. Use crayons or poster colors to paint whatever picture you have decided. You can decorate that card with small decorations. Write in the inner side of the card. This is a simple way of making a Christmas card. You can take help of your kids too.

2. Cards engraved by scissors

Take a card of any color you like. Now fold it first into a half and then on the side that you want to engrave your design, fold another half. Use a pencil to draw the design that you want to cut on either of the side of the folded side. Cut it neatly and open the fold. You will find a lovely design on the front side of your card. Use a silver or gold colored pen to write your greetings inside. You could also paste a silver or gold foil on the inside of the card which will be seen from the design you have cut.

3. Cards with smaller cut outs

If you have a computer with a printer at home, these kinds of cards are the easiest to make. Take a bright colored card like red and fold it from the middle. Keep it aside. From the computer, find out images of moon, five pointed stars, a Santa Clause, reindeer, etc., and take a print out on a paper that is lighter in color like white. With scissors, cut those printed images and paste them using glue on your folded card. Write your greetings inside. You could also paste some images on the inside of the card.

4. Pop-up cards

Pop up cards are loved by all the kids. They are not so difficult to make. Take a card paper and fold it. You could keep it in a rectangle shape or cut a shape of your choice. Now on another paper, draw a Christmas tree or any cartoon character of your kid’s choice and color it well. Cut it after you have finished coloring it. Now open the card and stick only the sides of your cut out on both the sides of the center of the card. Gently close the card. When you open it, it will give a pop up effect.

5. Musical cards

Would you like to add some nice music of the bells to the card! It is very simple. Make a card of your choice either using cut outs or small decorations or even a pop-up card. Now take a satin ribbon or a decoration thread and tie small bells to one side and slide the thread in the middle of the card from the inside. Now stick the thread well in the center. See that the bell does not obstruct the card when you close it. It will become a musical card!

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