6 Signs You are Being Appreciated at Work

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Every once in a while, it helps to know that you are being appreciated at work. It helps to know that your bosses are happy with your performance, and that your coworkers like having you around. Not only does this help during the time of appraisals and promotions, but it also helps you to stick to your job and company. It helps you to feel stable and secure about your job, and confident and happy about your performance and life. Here are some signs that you’re being appreciated at work.

1. You get regular increments

If your bosses are giving you bonuses or salary hikes at regular intervals even without you asking, wishing or hoping for it, then you should understand that they definitely like having you around, and like your work. After all, they wouldn’t invest so much in an employee they weren’t happy and satisfied with.

2. Your opinions matter

Whenever major company decisions are to be taken, or whenever a new project starts off, it is natural for company heads or higher authorities to seek the opinion of their employees. If at times like these, they listen to your opinions and take them seriously, it means that you are adding value to their company, and that they appreciate your thinking.

3. Your coworkers are cordial

When coworkers – senior or junior – seem to be happy and pleased with you, and extend relationships beyond office hours too, it means that they like you. It also means that they like your level of co-operation, because this office and outside-office friendship will help in achieving goals or completing tasks where collective performance is required.

4. You are offered adequate facilities

When employers have to treat their employees like shit, they don’t care whether the staff has proper facilities and enough equipment or not. They don’t understand that poor infrastructure can lead to poor performance. But if you have enough facilities, with good amount of equipment at your disposal, it means that they understand you need all these things to bring about efficiency in your work.

5. You can notice your growth

Companies that appreciate your work will give you an environment where you will grow and enhance your skills on an everyday basis. They will not feel insecure when your relationships build really well with some of the major clients, and they will not intervene in your style of functioning with those clients. They will let you do things your way, learn and innovate, and manage tasks with your style, as long as you are delivering results on time.

6. You are satisfied with your job

Perhaps, one of the best ways of understanding whether you are appreciated at work or not is to see how happy or satisfied you yourself are. If you feel every morning after waking up that your job is still keeping you happy, and you are passionate about what you do and how you do it, then it definitely means that this job and the employers are taking good care of you.

So if you happen to see these signs in your daily work life, be happy and satisfied. Relax, because you are doing totally fine! Don’t worry unnecessarily that your employers will kick you out. You have no reason to feel insecure at all, because this job is truly benefiting your life in more ways than one!

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