6 Tips to Keep in Mind While Using a Concealer

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The concealer is a very important makeup item that enhances the whole look of the face. It’s apt for those who have slight marks, dark circles, spots and freckles. True to their name, concealers do what they are meant to do, they conceal blemishes, making the wearer look spotless and perfect. However, you can’t just use it liberally without a care, thinking that it is the solution to all your beauty problems. These tips will tell you how to apply a concealer and what precautions to take while doing so.

1. Buy the one nearest to your skin tone

You should always invest in three kinds of concealers. One should be for daily wear, which should be properly tested by you and the makeup seller for nearness of color with your skin tone. The second and third concealers ought to be a shade lighter and a shade darker than your skin tone. Use the dark concealer on areas of your face that you feel are not that flattering and wish to hide. The lighter one has to be smeared on those areas which you wish to highlight.

2. Apply a moisturizer

Before dabbing on the concealer, you should always apply a moisturizer. Even if you are applying it on a tiny portion of your face or without any other makeup, just to hide a particular spot, don’t directly apply the concealer as it may lead to cracking of the skin.

3. Use your clean fingers to apply

If you have bought a tube of concealer or the powder puff kind, it’s advisable to apply the cosmetic with clean fingers for a better effect.

4. Don’t apply on pimples

Many women feel that a concealer is the mightiest cosmetic and can do no wrong. Thus they end up layering it over pimples and active acne. This is really hazardous and not advisable as not only will the acne increase, it may even spread more. Also, a concealer covered pimple, more often than not, looks bigger and more prominent than the pimple itself; you would only be spoiling your own face.

5. Don’t overlook areas of the face

Many women tend to overlook areas of the face which they feel don’t need any concealer. Areas including the bridge of the nose, outer part of the eyes, around the lips, are often ignored. After the whole make up is done, just dab some concealer on these parts so as to get uniformity in your look and not have patchy odd toned skin.

6. Go in order

The correct order of applying makeup is to start with washing, cleansing and toning. After these 3 essential steps, you ought to apply moisturizer on your face, so that the makeup doesn’t crack. Then comes the foundation and then the concealer. Colored items such as rouge, blush, eye makeup and lipstick, come post concealer application.

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