8 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Sister

Date:19-12-2013 11:40:53 read:12

Teens are prone to a lot of mood swings but the right gift can prep them up. So, if you have a teenage sister, here are some Christmas gift ideas to make her feel happy.

1. Headphones

Headphones and teens are sometimes inseparable. Every kind of teen will have her own choice of music. While finding tracks that please her may be a problem, getting her an aid to music is certainly not. This is where a cool and classy pair of headphones can do the trick. If she likes it, she is going to carry it around everywhere and will be a permanent part of her life.

2. Jewelry holder

Chances are your teenage sister is not going to wear chunky, big or even lots of jewelry for that matter but she will have her own little wardrobe of accessories. You could get her a very classy and chic jewelry holder that can serve the purpose and also double up as trendy room décor at the same time.

3. Lip balms and gloss

She likes lipstick but doesn’t really sport them? Well, it isn’t uncommon for a teen. But what you can get her and is also essential during winter is a lip balm or gloss that can seal in the moisture on lips, prevent them from going dry and also give those lips a natural sheen without being over the top. Some natural or light colors with super tastes like strawberries or cherries can do a lot of difference in giving your sister some confidence boost.

4. Cashmere

Cashmere is very expensive and if your budget permits it, you could get her real cashmere stole. Or if your pocket isn’t that deep; a sweater with a fabric that feels like cashmere can also do the trick. Either way, the gift is useful, versatile and a good one that can be a part of her wardrobe for a long long time.

5. Books

Is your teenage sister an achiever, a favorite with the teachers and aspiring to take home the scholarship? Books make an undoubtedly best friend to such girls. You could gift her books of her favorite author or if you have no idea, a book that is a storehouse of information will also make a great deal.

6. Bean bags

Bean bags are objects of comfort and you can treat yourself to the luxury of a bean bag when you are happy, tired or even sad. This way, they are extremely versatile and an ideal companion when in need. Gift your teenage sister a large and comforting bean bag that goes well with her room décor and let her win her little battles with the bean bag.

7. Nail art

Girls these days are so found of eclectic nail art. Nails can be done up in every way your mind can wander. Your teenage sister is most likely to have thoughts that run wild. Let her give shape to them with a trendy nail art kit. This Christmas, she can dress up her nails in style.

8. Chocolate fountain

Girls love chocolates. And a chocolate fountain is just about the perfect indulgence. Her heart is sure to melt away with chocolate fantasies as the warm melting liquid simply swirls its way through the fountain and its many steps. Perfect gift for the perfect sister at the perfect time of the year!

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