5 Ways to Deal with Jealousy in Relationships

Date:19-12-2013 15:41:09 read:5

In a relationship both the partners are very close to each other emotionally and physically. They love each other, are protective about each other, caring and also jealous, insecure at times. There are many reasons for being jealous in a relationship. This could include insecurity, your partner’s open and social nature, your partner’s company and general suspicion, among various other reasons. The feeling of jealousy is natural but never let it get on to the relationship, as it will ruin everything. Here are 5 ways to deal with jealousy in a relationship.

1. Speak out and discuss

You have a right to feel insecure and jealous. You can discuss these things with your partner. When you express your feelings of being jealous, your partner will understand and give you assurance and explanation. This would help get things out of your system and you will be happy.

2. Avoid thinking too much

Once the feeling of jealousy gets into the mind, we begin to over think and make up imaginary stories. It’s a natural feeling but try to let it go, instead focus on loving your partner and making the relationship better.

3. Do not doubt your partner

Feeling jealous when someone tries to come close to your partner is natural but you cannot begin to doubt your partner. You may end up doubting and questioning your partner’s loyalty even when he isn’t doing anything wrong. This will create trust issues and hamper the relationship.

4. Reassure yourself

Talk to yourself and convince yourself that this is just a lame feeling that would go away and it isn’t a big deal. Reassure your trust that you are in a relationship and your partner loves you and is loyal to you. So you don’t need to worry about anything. It is just a feeling that would go away.

5. Suppress your feeling of jealousy

Jealousy and love are not the same. Being over possessive or having a right over someone is not love. Control and suppress these feelings. Don’t think it is your right to be possessive, insecure and protective. Your partner is not your property, so keep this negative feeling away from your relationship.

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