4 Ways to Bring Your Family Closer this Christmas

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Spending Christmas together gives you ample time to bond with the family and bring you closer. The shared space, the festivities, chores and a lot more things around this time bring people in a family together. Around festivities, it no longer becomes an obligation to sty together, but people actually have a genuine interest in getting close. It maybe for selfish motives too as no one would love to spend Christmas together, but you can use this to actually bring them closer to you. There are so many ways in which you can bring your family together and closer this Christmas and here are some ways.

1. Go shopping together

It is a very commercial way of spending Christmas together, but if it helps you to get closer with your kids then you should definitely go for it. When kids grow older, they no longer want you to go shopping for clothes and other stuff with them. You may make a face or not like what they choose. Instead, this time around you can not only go with them but also try to understand that they can dress a certain way only as long as they are kids or teenagers and that you should not impose your views on them. You will definitely feel closer to them and also be viewed as a cool person to hang out with.

2. Include the family in baking and cooking for Christmas

If they do not come voluntarily, make them come and help you with the baking and cooking for Christmas dinner. Instead of spending just couple of hours or less sitting around the table and eating dinner, you can bake and cook as a family, feel closer to one another and also learn and teach each other how to make different things. The family members will also learn a few kitchen skills this way.

3. Going to church on Christmas day

You can go to church on Christmas day as a family. This is also another Christmas tradition that you can follow to bring your family closer. The church is always a warm place to be around Christmas with the singing and the food and everything else. Even the most cynical teenager will feel a little different and may even get a little emotional and get closer to the rest of the family.

4. Do some volunteer work as a family On Christmas

Volunteering for a charity or at the local soup kitchen or the Salvation Army will also bring you closer as a family. You will not only work together as a team, but learn a lot more about the rest of your family. You will find aspects of them that you never knew existed. You will begin to have more respect for one another when you do an unselfish act. Respect and love are two most important things that can keep a family closer and help it bond better.

Whatever you do for Christmas, make it a point that you do it together as a family.

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