10 Fun Facts about the Easter Bunny

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There are many fun facts related to Easter bunnies, which you must know. So without further adieu, let us know more about those facts. Continue reading to know more.

1. Easter bunny was known as Easter hare before the eighteen century. There is no specific reason as to why the name was changed for Easter.

2. Easter bunnies are always related to rabbits. They signify the importance of festival. It stands for fruitfulness and fertility.

3. After Santa Claus, Easter bunny is the most favorite festival character.

4. The mention of Easter bunny dates back to the 16th century. The Easter bunny craze then passed to U.S. after seventeenth century.

5. During Easter many parents tell their children that if they behave well, the bunnies would lay colorful eggs for them. Hope children believe this and behave well!

6. In earlier times, children would build a special nest with their hats. They used to do this in the hope of seeing the Easter bunny during Easter time.

7. During Easter time, children make nests out of leaves and place them in their backyard or garden. They still believe that Easter bunny would come at night and fill those nests with different colored eggs. That’s quite a cute thought.

8. It is still believed as a tradition, that on the Easter day, Easter bunny leaves a basket full of chocolates and goodies.

9. Have you heard about the egg laying rabbit or bunny? This tradition dates back to 1700 in Germany. Wonder if people still believe in this tradition.

10. The tradition of Easter eve fire is still celebrated in Texas. According to the German custom, the children are told that Easter bunny burns all the wild flowers. This is to make dyes for the Easter eggs.

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