7 Valentine’s Day Ideas to Fire Up Your Love Life

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A lot of people wonder why they need to have a special day to express your love to your partner or to other people and they think it is a marketing gimmick to hype up one particular day. Some even say it is a marketing gimmick to sell more stuff that you actually do not need. For all the criticisms you should admit that Valentine’s Day does help. It helps because we do not have time every single day to make our partners or loved ones feel special and when there is a specific day assigned for love, we do try our best to make it special. The day does not serve as a reminder of our love, but as a day when we take off the time to relish our love life. Here are some ideas to fire up your love life on Valentine’s Day.

1. Do something new

Be it in bed or out of the bed, try something really adventurous and something that you have never tried before. The edgier the thing you do, the more fun your love life will be. Try something that will stimulate and also bring the two of you closer to each other.

2. Follow a ritual

If you have been together for long, you can even start a ritual that you can follow every year. It can be a specific place you go to, a specific meal that you prepare or something that you two can do together. Sometimes rituals give you comfort and can also fire up your love life.

3. Be amorous in public

You can put on a full PDA or hold hands and kiss frequently when you are out in public. People won’t disapprove too much when it is on Valentine’s Day. This behaviour can also fire up your love life and sex life as long as you do not take it too far and get into trouble for it.

4. Get some sexy new underwear

You can buy each other some new and sexy underwear. You can either make it a surprise or plan to buy it separately and see what the other has in mind. This can make your Valentine’s Day both romantic and lust filled.

5. Have a chocolaty Valentine’s Day

Include chocolate in everything that you do on Valentine’s Day. There can be a chocolate breakfast, chocolate gifts, chocolate massages and a lot more naughty things that you can do with chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

6. Write each other silly love notes

If you are spending the day apart with each of you working in a different place, you can send each other some love notes and flowers. Your love notes do not have to be very romantic or lengthy. Silly small notes will do the trick and spice up your love life too.

7. Make a commitment to love each other more every day

On Valentine’s Day make a commitment to stay true to each other and also love each other more in the following days to come. Stick to it and fire up your love life with increased vigor.

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