6 Reasons Why Easter Is So Special

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Easter is an important religious day in the Christian calendar which is celebrated in April every year. Most Christians across the world are on holiday during Easter. But do you really know what makes Easter special? Read on and find out.

1. Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ

According to the New Testament, Easter is the day that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he was crucified. Christ’s resurrection from the dead is said to be one of the bedrocks of the Christian faith. So if you are celebrating Easter, you are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

2. The day when everyone comes to church

As modern day lives get more hectic, lesser people are seen going to church. Easter gains significant importance because it makes people go to church to celebrate festivities and offer prayers. Go to the church with your family when you celebrate Easter.

3. Families bond by observing Easter customs

In America, families and friends exchange Easter eggs, candy baskets and marshmallow bunnies. They find time to lunch and dine together and spend the holiday together, which makes Easter very special. Kids also have a great time during Easter as their parents teach them how to decorate candy baskets and Easter eggs. This is one of the reasons why Easter is special.

4. The realization of Christ’s sacrifice

Lent is a 40 day period just before Easter when Christians are traditionally known to follow fasting. The celebration of Easter after the discipline observed during Lent makes Christians realize that they have a right to life because Christ sacrificed his own. Easter reminds Christians that Jesus gave his life as ransom by getting crucified so that his followers could live.

5. A reminder of the fact that Christ was truly divine

Many religious leaders have called Easter special because it reminds everyone that Christ was truly divine. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus because of which he is elevated to the level of God but Easter celebrates his resurrection from death which proves that he is truly divine.

6. Easter is special because it blesses everyone with hope

Christ’s resurrection from the dead is like a message to His followers that there is hope even in situations that can’t seem to be resolved. The festival gives a message and reassures believers that if Jesus could get past death, then everything is possible in the world.

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